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Declaration Of Heirs

The process to move the land out of Abuella's name, is a long and complicated one.  This is important to do, because without a designated decision maker "on paper" we cannot make improvements through the government, secure investors, and reduce the risk of legal action and loose the land. 


The steps to transfer are the following:

  1. The last declaration was done in 1995 and those listed heirs would be able to transfer their rights to another "person" or "entity".

  2. Unfortunately some of those heirs have passed on, which means a new declaration must be done to include their descendants.

  3. A declaration requires that for any deceased person their death certificate is obtained.  For their heirs their birth certification must be obtained.

  4. The lawyer will then submit these documents and information to the Puerto Rico government.  They will verify and create a new declaration.

  5. Once complete, each heir will have a "right" to the land and can transfer their right through donation to a person or entity.  

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Green Plants

Heirs of The Deceased

We miss our tio's and tia's that have passed on.  A way to keep on their memory is to save Abuella's farm!

I currently need:

  1. Tio Joe's death certificate and Mickey and Joey's birth certificates

  2. Tio Louis death certificate

  3. Tia Lila's death certificate

  4. Josefina's death certificate and the birth certificates of her children.

Once you have acquired the documents, please mail it to myself, as I gather documents to mail to the lawyer.

Dominique Betancourt

809 N Taylor Ave

Oak Park, IL 60302

Betancourt Family Tree

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