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The Betancourt Family Farm

The Betancourt Family come from a strong, powerful heritage.  our past does not define us, our fear does not control us, and our values our what guide us. 

We show the world kindness, we treat the world with respect, and we show the world compassion.

Hi! I'm young Dominique!

Hola! I am Dominique Betancourt, Elias Betancourt's youngest daughter of his 7 children.  I have always felt a deep connection when in Puerto Rico, but my fear and shame of not speaking Spanish has always held me back from embracing it.  My 40s brought about a transformation after leaving corporate life and of course the COVID pandemic gave me time to reflect.

I dicovered what is important to me, and my passion for Puerto Rico, coffee and the environment has driven me to find a way to connect with my fathers family, my heritage and create a legacy for the Betancourt Family.

The Betancourt Revilatization Project

My vision is to revitalize Abuella Reye's farm and build a future for my family and my extended family. I want to ensure the farm stays in the hands of Reye's descendants and revitalize the farm back into a working coffee farm, growing, exporting and roasting coffee.

I will build a home to live on the farm when we are ready and create an eco-tourist boutique finca with the vision of up to 50 guests to stay in various, small accommodations that dot the landscape.   We will create an experience with a focus on showcasing Puerto Rican culture, teaching the in's and outs of coffee and connecting people to the Betancourt family history. 

This will be a place for family, friends and the world to enjoy and connect to the wonders of Puerto Rico.

Declaration Of Heirs Process

This is a lengthy process.....

Are you a descendent of Abuella Reyes Vasquez? Please join my email list to stay in the loop on farm activities and more!

Gracias!  We look forward to keeping you in the know!

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